Marius Cetateanu
Marius Cetateanu
Senior Software Engineer in Brussels, Belgium

About Me

I am a software engineer with more than 17 years of experience having a knack for code\performance optimizations. I like designing and developing key features of software products in a challenging environment, and to work aside team members from whom I can learn in order to improve my skills and to whom I can share my knowledge in a deep spirit of collaboration.

I love tackling hard problems that have customer impact, delivering high quality solutions. I'm looking for a senior individual contributor role where I can take on technical leadership responsibility, and gain experience with backend applications, microservices and distributed systems at scale.


  • Since September 2021 I have a new role as an SDE at Amazon Luxembourg, where I am helping with the effort to expand Amazon in new marketplaces and geographies as part of the INTEX organization.

  • While working for SWIFT, for which I started in June 2019, I have developed features for the Alliance Gateway array of products and I've had an extremely important contribution in the process that led my squad adopting proper Agile methodologies practices and that enabled my teammates to work effectively in the context of SWIFT's Agile transformation.

  • In my previous job at Sony Depthsensing Solutions(f.k.a. SoftKinetic), for which I worked between July 2010 and February 2019, I have led and been instrumental in porting and optimizing the 3D sensors drivers and libraries to run on ARM platforms, paving the way for the company's software products to be used inside embedded devices, phones and cars. As part of that effort I have designed and implemented a cross-platform SIMD(Single Instruction Multiple Data) library for low level code optimizations that is still used today as the basis for optimizations across all of Sony Depthsensing Solutions' drivers and middleware.

    That allowed me to easily support within my organization multiple processor architectures in terms of software optimizations. It reduced development and maintenance time and freed engineering resources. The library helped all the teams in the software department achieve quicker and better the targets in terms of performance. It helped my colleagues write better optimized code, allowing them to think more on the algorithmic part of the process rather than on the intricacies and details of the target platform.

    I was the technical lead regarding porting, optimization and multithreading aspects of the Human Tracking Library, a library for multi-user 3D full-body tracking using a depth camera sensor, for the PlayStation 4 console. I designed and implemented the pipelining system of the library in order to achieve optimal performance on the PlayStation 4's hardware. With that architecture in place and the optimizations that it enabled, my team achieved the contractual targets in terms of performance. It was the beginning of the collaboration with Sony, which eventually led to the acquisition by Sony Semiconductor.

    I have led the development of the low level driver and the optimization efforts for the user space driver for a rooftop 3D camera system used in BMW's 2015 series 7 car, which proved to be the start of a very fruitful collaboration concretized with the further development of the system for other BMW models.

    I have also worked on machine learning related libraries and classifier models used for in-cabin gesture recognition and monitoring inside cars, and designed, configured and administered a small cluster solution to run machine learning related task loads. The usage of the cluster reduced the processing time for the model training and parameter tuning from 72 hours to just 8 hours making the model development process much more streamlined and effective.

  • At Freescale(currently NXP), between March 2006 and June 2010, I worked on the CodeWarrior IDE(of Metrowerks fame), developing debuggers and profilers for DSPs and various ARM architecture based processors that Freescale had in its portfolio. As part of that I helped my team deliver successfully through three major product release cycles.

  • At Continental, between November 2004 and February 2006, I developed features related to the ABS(Antilock Brake System) car specific ECUs(Electronic Control Units) that the company was developing at that time.

  • I have extensive knowledge and experience with the C++ programming language, I’m fluent in C, Python, Golang, Java, Assembly Language and I’m currently successfully learning Kotlin. I have knowledge of multiple CPU architectures and experience that spans from working at the lowest level of abstraction - that is close to the CPU using machine code - to the higher level of abstractions - that is software components, frameworks, systems and their interactions.


My personal interests include:

  • Distributed systems and microservices. As a way forward into my development as a software engineer I'm always trying to learn new things and sharpen my skills about system design, domain driven design, microservices architecture and patterns and how to build performant, resilient and scalable backend services.

  • Machine learning & Deep learning. I have professional experience with and a keen interest in machine learning. I have obtained several ML related online certifications from Coursera and I follow the advancements and the developments in the field. I play sometimes with TensorFlow.

  • High Performance Computing. I have extensive professional knowledge with multithreading, parallelization and SIMD and even if I'm not active in the field nowadays I still make experiments with SIMD optimizations and parallel programs with OpenMP and CUDA in my spare time. I follow the HPC news and I'm really excited about the EuroHPC programme of building petascale and exascale supercomputers across Europe that could be leveraged for scientific and technological advancements.

  • Space exploration. It's an exciting time for space exploration related technologies with private companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX spearheading the progress, with the exciting and unprecedented acceleration and perseverance of Mars endeavors and with the ongoing programs of ESA and NASA that are planning to bring us around or on the Moon again.

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